Installing R and RStudio

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Hey scientist! How do you do?
Today we’ll talk about how to install R. It is an extremely powerful language/environment; in addition, you will install its comrade RStudio, that will make all our programming work easier. Here we go!

R [1] is considered a dialect of the S language, created by John Chambers [2] and his pals at Bell Laboratories. It is an open source language aimed to statistics, which includes statistical tests, time series analysis, classification, linear/non-linear modelling, graphical techniques, … R generates ready-to-publish graphics (really; you can check an example from this humble writer on the following paper [3]).

To download R for Windows and Mac, you can use a mirror, or the 0-Cloud [4]. On the other hand, installing R in Linux is easy. You can use the nice little package manager from your distro, or use the terminal. In Debian Linux distros (or derived ones, that uses packages .deb), you can type:

If a command went wrong, please tell us at the comments 🙂

Downloaded, installed, beautiful! But… it starts like this:

Let’s also install RStudio [5], an environment that have editor, console, graphical tools, … it’s awesome!

Linux/Windows/Mac downloads are available at [6]. Download it! Open it! See that wonder of the modern world working!

Now we can program in R! But… this will start on the next posts! For now, you can see Impatient R [7], a tutorial focused on teaching R for the hasty ones.
Thanks scientist, this is it for today! Gigaregards, have a nice one!

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